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In the Pokémon Zensho manga
[[File:Professor Oak Zensho.png|thumb|160px|Professor Oak in Pokémon Zensho]]
Professor Oak appears in [[Pokémon Zensho]] and has fulfilled the same role similar to the ones in other media. Professor Oak debuts in ''[[PZ01|Pallet Town]]'' where he saves {{OBP|Satoshi|Zensho}} from a flock of {{p|Pidgey}} that were about to attack him. As thanks for Professor Oak's rescue of Satoshi, Satoshi goes to his lab and chooses Charmander since Charmander saved him earlier. Shigeru, Satoshi's rival, chooses Squirtle which made Professor Oak keep {{p|Bulbasaur}} as he would have been too lonely.
A backstory is revealed about him in ''[[PZ05|Celadon City]]'' where is taking care of {{OBP|Shigeru|Zensho}} and [[Daisy Oak]] since their parents died in a car crash. He is last seen in ''[[PZ10|Indigo Plateau]]'', telling Satoshi and Shigeru about a {{p|Mewtwo|rare Pokémon}} who dwells in [[Cerulean Cave|a cave]].