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List of clothing in the anime

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=====''The Power of Us''=====
[[File:Ash M21.png|thumb|left|120px|Ash's outfit in ''The Power of Us'']]
In ''[[M21|The Power of Us]]'', which is set in the same continuity as ''[[M20|I Choose You!]]'', Ash has another new outfit, this time unlike anything seen in the main series. Besides continuing to wear the same hat that he wore in the previous movie, this outfit consists of a light-blue and white jacket with a large red collar, which in turn has a single yellow line across the center and a similarly-colored trim at the bottom of said jacket. His jacket is kept open to reveal a black shirt, looser-fitting than that of his previous outfit. The bottom half has him sporting greygray capri shorts with a thin white line coming down both sides, and blue sneakers with orange laces. His usual fingerless gloves are black with a blue line across the cuff. His backpack is dark blue and black with a small Poké Ball design on it.
====Snow wear====
* In the freezer room in ''[[XY023|Coming Back into the Cold!]]'', Serena, along with Ash, Clemont, Alexa, and Bonnie, she wore an orange snowsuit.
* In ''[[XY083|Over the Mountain of Snow!]]'', Serena wore a hot-pink snow jacket, greygray snow pants, a pale-pink snow hat, pale-pink snow mittens, a dark orange neck scarf, and hot-pink snow boots.
* In between ''[[XY119|A Full-Strength Battle Surprise!]]'' and ''[[XY122|A Real Icebreaker!]]'', Serena is sometimes seen wearing a pink winter coat, with the same colored leg warmers above her usual boots and golden-brown mittens.
=====Snow wear=====
* In ''[[SM060|Getting a Jump on the Competition!]]'' and the third ending of the ''Sun & Moon'' series, [[Notebook of the Heart]], Kiawe wore a black jacket, with a red zipper, red pockets, red stripes around the bottom of the torso and sleeves, greygray pants and black and white shoes.
* In ''[[SM028|Pulling Out the Pokémon Base Pepper!]]'' and ''[[SM079|Showering the World with Love!]]'', Lillie wore a baseball uniform when she played Pokémon Base with her classmates.
* In ''[[SM029|Lulled to La-La Land!]]'', Lillie was shown wearing a short blue nightdress similar to her usual dress in a fantasy.
* In ''[[SM032|Treasure Hunt, Akala Style!]]'', she wore a light-blue zip-up long-sleeved shirt, white jeans, and long dark greygray boots as her riding outfit.
* From ''[[SM045|Now You See Them, Now You Don't!]]'' to ''[[SM050|Faba's Revenge!]]'', as well as ''[[SM055|The Professors' New Adventure!]]'', ''[[SM070|The Young Flame Strikes Back!]]'', ''[[SM079|Showering the World with Love!]]'', and ''[[SM114|Beauty is Only Crystal Deep!]]'', Lillie was wearing a short white nightgown with a light-blue lower-half and frills at the top-half as pajamas.
* From ''[[SM051|Family Determination!]]'' to ''[[SM054|10,000,000 Reasons to Fight!]]'', and from ''[[SM128|League Offenders and Defenders!]]'' to ''[[SM144|From Z to Shining Z!]]'', Lillie wore a short, white, pleated miniskirt with a blue line; a white hoodie; a pink backpack; white socks; and tennis shoes. She also changed her hairstyle to a large ponytail.
[[File:Sophocles SM.png|thumb|100px|Sophocles's main outfit]]
===Main outfit===
* Sophocles's main outfit consists of a white T-shirt with an orange print that strongly resembles a [[Game Boy]] connected to a [[Game Link Cable]], a yellow, lightning bolt-like scarf, and a greygray metallic belt with a circular buckle and lines along it. He also wears brown pants with an orange rolled up hemline, and green and purple shoes, with yellow lightning bolts along the sides. Since ''[[SM119|A High-Speed Awakening!]]'', Sophocles obtained a yellow Z-Ring that was given to him by [[Hapu]], and he now holds it.
===Side outfits===
[[File:Mallow SM.png|thumb|100px|Mallow's main outfit]]
===Main outfit===
* Mallow's main outfit consists of greygray overalls with tattered edges and a light red, sleeveless t-shirt underneath, a pink flower in her hair attached by a green headband, and green shoes with green bows on. In ''[[SM121|A Recipe for Success!]]'', Mallow obtained a green Z-Ring from {{an|Oranguru}}; she now holds it.
===Side outfits===
===Main outfit===
* Go's main outfit consists of a greygray short-sleeved top with a Poké Ball design and red brims, black tracksuit pants, red socks, and a pair of gray and black shoes.
===Side outfits===
====Snow wear====
====Other clothes====
* Go wears a silver and greygray T-shirt with a print design of a square compass in a Poké Ball design along with greygray sweat shorts with red drawstrings as pajamas.
* In [[SS008]], Go wears a greygray jacket based on his shirt, with a red zip and the same Poké Ball design on the top right.
==[[Jessie]], [[James]], and {{MTR}}==