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List of clothing in the anime

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Snow wear
* Between ''[[XY119|A Full-Strength Battle Surprise!]]'' and ''[[XY122|A Real Icebreaker!]]'', Ash is sometimes seen wearing a blue coat with a light-blue cross shape across the front and blue boots with a light blue line along the top of them.
* In ''[[SM060|Getting a Jump on the Competition!]]'' and the third ending of the ''Sun & Moon'' series, [[Notebook of the Heart]], Ash wore red gloves, a blue jacket with a yellow stripe down the middle and a smaller and thinner stripe on the left side of his chest, with darker blue pants, and blue boots that are lighter than his boots and darker than his jacket with the yellow stripe around the top the boots.
* In [[SS008]], Ash wore a tealblue jacket based on his vest, with yellow linesoutlines on the opening of his pockets and and on the outline of the left and right sides.
====Other clothes====