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Jigglypuff (Pokémon)

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In the main series
===In the main series===
====Major appearances====
[[File:Jigglypuff anime.png|thumb|left|250px|Jigglypuff in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
=====[[Jigglypuff (anime)]]=====
Jigglypuff debuted in ''[[EP045|The Song of Jigglypuff]]''. From this episode through the end of the [[original series]], it followed {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}}, intent on performing its trademark song without causing its audience to fall asleep. It rarely, if ever, succeeded. Jigglypuff would scribble all over the faces of anyone who fell asleep after hearing the song.
A {{pkmn2|giant}} Jigglypuff appeared at the end of ''[[EP072|The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis]]'', where it helped put the giant {{p|Gengar}} and {{p|Alakazam}} to sleep.
A Jigglypuff, [[nickname]]d Pink, appeared in ''[[The Legend of Thunder!]]'', under the ownership of {{jo|Marina}}. She used it to battle {{jo|Jimmy}}'s {{p|Beedrill}} and in a [[Pokémon Contest]] with [[Wani-Wani]] later on.
A Jigglypuff appeared in ''[[AG138|Rough, Tough Jigglypuff]]''. [[Mitch Mitchum]] wanted to catch it for [[Lisa Mitchum|his daughter]]'s birthday and eventually caught it with {{p|Loudred}}.
A Jigglypuff appeared in ''[[DP122|Stopped in the Name of Love!]]''.
A Jigglypuff made a brief appearanceappeared in ''[[DP182|An Old Family Blend!]]'', under the ownership of a {{pkmn|Trainer}} participating in the [[Lily of the Valley Conference]].
A Jigglypuff appeared in ''[[XY001|Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!]]''.