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A Pokémon's '''cry''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|鳴|な}}き{{tt|声|ごえ}}''' ''voice'') is the sound it makes. Depending on the continuity, this can either be a unique sound, or only the Pokémon's name and various phrases derived from its name. There are also several instances of [[talking Pokémon]].
==In the gamescore series==
When a Pokémon is sent out from its [[Poké Ball]], it will call out its cry, which consists of an electronically made "noise." It will also cry out when using certain moves, such as {{m|Growl}}, {{m|Roar}}, and {{m|Hyper Voice}}. Since [[Generation III]], when a Pokémon [[Fainting|faints]], its cry will be lower-pitched. In Generations III, {{gen|IV}}, and {{gen|V}}, this also applies if it has critical {{stat|HP}} or a [[status condition]] when entering a {{pkmn|battle}} or when it is checked in the [[Statistic#Gallery|status screen]]. In [[Generation VII]], a [[wild Pokémon]] will give its cry while calling for help.
The feature returned in {{g|X and Y}} with all-new voice recordings. In these games, Pikachu has 15 cries. Two of these cries occur in battle, one is heard when viewing its status screen or Pokédex entry, and the rest appear in [[Pokémon-Amie]]. This was retained in later [[core series]] games.
==In the spin-off games==
===Puzzle series===
In [[Pokémon Puzzle League]], the cry from the anime can be heard during normal gameplay.
In [[Pokémon Puzzle Challenge]], the cry from the core series can be heard during normal gameplay, and also in the "PKMN Data" screen found the [[options]] menu.
===Play It! series===
In [[Pokémon Play It!]] and [[Pokémon Play It! Version 2]], the cry from the anime is heard when a {{TCG|Pokémon}} card is placed in the Arena (either as a basic Pokémon or via evolution).
==In the anime==