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Bibarel (Pokémon)

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Major appearances
A Bibarel appeared in ''[[DP057|Bibarel Gnaws Best!]]'', under the ownership of the [[expert stonecutter]]. She was being taken care of by [[Isis]] for the majority of the episode, but she encountered problems when Bibarel refused to help build a bridge. Unbeknownst to her, this was because Bibarel knew the bridge was structurally unstable.
[[Paul]]'s brother, [[Reggie]], owns aA female Bibarel, which appeared in ''[[DP066|Lost Leader Strategy!]]''., under the ownership of [[Reggie]]. He used Bibarelher induring his {{pkmn|battle}} against {{Ash}}; she battled {{AP|Turtwig}}, but was eventually defeated despite subjecting it to her {{m|Secret Power}}.
===Minor appearances===