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Generation VI

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Trivia: There's no longer any "versions".
** A Pokémon that evolves by [[Friendship]] after its introduction.
{{bulbanews|No new Mega Evolution patch for X or Y players}}
* Generation VI is the first generation to introduce:
** New moves between games. Of the 62 moves introduced, four of them were introduced in {{g|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}} and are not programmed into {{g|X and Y}}. As a result, Pokémon in the former that know these moves cannot be traded to the latter.
** A Pokémon with Normal as its secondary type.
* Generation VI leaves the most extra room in the PC if one captures exactly one of each species of Pokémon, with there being 930 spaces and 721 Pokémon.
* Generation VI is the only completed generation not to revisit its new region after the original paired games.
* Generation VI contains the core series games with the shortest English titles: {{2v2pkmn|X| and Y}} have one letter each.
* Generation VI is the first generation in which games were released on the same date worldwide.