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After feeding and cleaning Tepig, Ash and Iris take him back to Don George, who explains that Tepig belonged to an arrogant Trainer, who, after Tepig's defeat to a {{p|Deerling}}, abandoned him. In a sad attempt to follow his Trainer, Tepig got tied to a pole. Tepig broke free but still had a remnant of rope tied over his mouth. Just then, Team Rocket attacks and tries to steal Pikachu. Ash attempts to use Oshawott to save Pikachu, but is unable to. Then, Tepig decides to fight beside Ash. Ash orders an {{m|Ember}} attack, freeing Pikachu. However, Team Rocket manages to escape. Iris then decides to catch Tepig. However, Tepig decides to go with Ash instead.
At the end of the episodeMeanwhile, {{an|Giovanni}} is shown speaking with Team Rocket via a computer screen, telling them to head to [[Striaton City]], for a certain area nearby needs investigation.
==Major events==