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The "the same form of" clause is necessary due to Milcery, and possibly Sinistea
===Pokémon Conquest===
In {{g|Conquest}}, because the mechanics of [[level]]s, [[experience]], and [[friendship]] do not exist, Pokémon typically evolve once they reach a certain [[link]] threshold with their partnered [[Warrior]] or [[Warlord]]. Pokémon that normally evolve via high [[friendship]] in the main series games, such as {{p|Golbat}}, instead evolve after reaching a certain link percentage, usually between 60 and 70 percent. Pokémon that normally evolve sincestarting at a setspecific level instead evolve when a certain [[statistic]] reaches a specific value. For example, {{p|Spheal}} evolves when its HP has reached a value of 138, which is partially determined by the link with its Warrior. Warriors with Pokémon that require an [[evolutionary stone]] to evolve must equip themselves with that item and then perform an action that causes their link to improve, such as completing a battle.
===Pokémon Pinball series===
* In the [[core series]] games, {{p|Feebas}} is the only Pokémon that has two different ways of evolving into the same form of the same Pokémon in the same game. Feebas evolves into {{p|Milotic}} when leveled up while its [[Beautiful (condition)|Beauty]] [[Contest condition|condition]] is high; from Generation V onward, it also evolves into Milotic if traded while holding a [[Prism Scale]].
* Of all non-{{pkmn2|Legendary}} and non-[[Mythical Pokémon]], 90.87%<!--607 / (721 - 53)--> are part of an evolutionary line.
** Counting Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, 84.19%<!--607 / 721--> of all Pokémon are part of an evolutionary line.
* Out of all Pokémon that evolve sinceby aleveling set levelup, {{p|Larvesta}} evolves later than any other unevolved Pokémon, starting at level 59 least.
* Of all the Pokémon that evolve by leveling up, {{p|Hydreigon}} evolves from its {{p|Zweilous|pre-evolution}} later than any other Pokémon, starting at level 64 least.
* Since no leveling up is required to evolve either {{p|Porygon}} or {{p|Porygon2}}, {{p|Porygon-Z}} is the only Pokémon to be evolved twice that can still be level 1.
* [[Generation III]] introduced the most Pokémon that do not evolve, with 18.