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Flying (type)

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! style="background:#FFF| [[File:Bag Flying Gem Sprite.png]]
| style="background:#FFF| [[Flying Gem]]
| style="background:#FFF| A gem with an ordinary essence of air. When held, it strengthens the power of a Flying-type move one time.
! style="background:#FFF| [[File:Bag Flying Memory Sprite.png]]
* Flying was the last Pokémon type to receive:
** A single-typed Pokémon, only receiving one with {{p|Tornadus}} in Generation V.
** A dual-typed Pokémon with its type as the primary type, only receiving onetwo with {{p|Noibat}} and {{p|Noivern}} in Generation VI.
* More Pokémon gain the Flying type upon evolving than any other type, with a total of eleven.
* All Flying-type moves are eligible to be used in [[Sky Battle]]s.