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Pokémon Play It! Version 2

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==Other features==
The "Learn" and "Extras" modes are similar to the original. The two new features are "Collect" and "Build". In the "Collect" mode, the player can keep track of the cards he or she owns in real life. In "Build" mode, the player can learn about creating decks or make custom ones and later print the list of cards needed for it. Version 2 also added the option to turn off Julie's vocal remarks.
As in the first game, the player is able to answer 2 "Academy Entrance Exam" quizzes with 10 questions each. The player receives a 10 points certificate for answering correctly all questions from the first quiz, then a 20 points certificate for the second quiz.
Unlike the first game, the 10 points certificate has a misspelling: "named" is written as "nemed"; there is also a minor edit where the word "the" is found at the start of the second line, rather than the end of the first line. The 20 points certificate is identical in both games.
File:Play It certificate.png|10 points (from the first game)
File:Play It 2 certificate.png|10 points (from the second game)
File:Play It certificate 2.png|20 points (both games)