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Game mechanics affected by weight
===Game mechanics affected by weight===
{{incomplete|section|G6 weight intervals for the visual and sound effects<br>Confirm how the Heavy Ball works in Max Raid Battles}}
{{spading|Low Kick and Variant Weight}}
Weight affects the following {{pkmn|games|game}} mechanics. Because the games use weight in kilograms for functional purposes, {{wp|Metric system|metric values}} are shown first, followed by {{wp|United States customary units|United States customary values}}.
[[Dynamax]] Pokémon do not have specific weight values. Moves affected by weight fail if they target a Dynamax Pokémon.<!-- When catching a Pokémon in a [[Max Raid Battle]], the [[Heavy Ball]] uses the Pokémon's weight when not Dynamaxed.-->
====Low Kick and Grass Knot====
* Medium shake and lower landing noise for Pokémon weighing between 50&nbsp;kg (110.2&nbsp;lbs.) and 149.9&nbsp;kg (330.5&nbsp;lbs.). <!--from Zweilous to Bastiodon-->
* Heavy shake, crashing sound and dust for Pokémon weighing 150&nbsp;kg (330.7&nbsp;lbs.) or more. <!--from Emboar-->
When a Pokémon is [[Dynamax]]ed, it is sent out from a Dynamaxed Poké Ball and causing a landing visual effect (unless the Pokémon cannot land on the ground, such as {{p|Diglett}} or {{p|Dugtrio}}). This visual effect is unaffected by weight.