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Pidgey (Pokémon)

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In the main series
==In the anime==
===In the main series===
[[File:Pidgey anime.png|250px|thumb|left250px|Pidgey in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
====Major appearances====
[[Wilbur]], the guardian of [[Pudgy Pidgey Isle]], helped teach a Pidgey [[nickname]]d Orville on how to fly in ''[[EP211|Fly Me to the Moon]]''. Nearly all of the other Pidgey on the island were too large for flight.
Multiple Pidgey appeared in ''[[EP081|Pallet Party Panic]]'', where they were attacked by a flock of {{p|Spearow}} and a {{p|Fearow}}. The flock reappeared in a flashback in ''[[EP131|Fighting Flyer with Fire]]''.
A Pidgey appeared in ''[[EP118|The Double Trouble Header]]'', under the ownership of {{an|Casey}}. It was used in her {{pkmn|battle}} against Ash, where it was defeated by {{AP|Charizard}}.
Multiple Pidgey appeared in ''[[EP164|Carrying On!]]'' as mail-Pidgey, under the ownership of [[Malachi]] and [[Denjirō|his grandfather]]. They served as their personal mail carriers. One of them was named Ken, and it was rescued by Ash and {{ashfr}} after it was attacked by a wild {{p|Fearow}}.
A Pidgey appeared ''[[EP245|Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?]]'', under the ownership of {{an|Professor Oak}}, who had just recently caught it. He used it to blast off {{TRT}}.