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As of [[Generation VIII]], there are {{PAGESINCAT:Ice-type49 Pokémon}} {{cat|Ice-type Pokémon}} or {{#expr:({{PAGESINCAT:Ice-type Pokémon}} * 100 div {{numpkmn}}) round 1}}5.5% of all Pokémon (counting those that are Ice-type in at least one of their [[List of Pokémon with form differences|forms]], including {{rf|Alolan|Form}}s and {{rf|Galarian|Form}}s), making it the rarest type.
===Pure Ice-type Pokémon===
! style="background:#{{Kanto color}}; border: 1px solid #{{Kanto color dark}}" | [[Generation I|<font style="color: black">I]]
| [[File:VSLorelei PE.png|x64px|link=Lorelei]]<br>[[Lorelei]]{{sup/1}}{{sup/3|FRLG}}{{sup/7|PE}}
| [[Elite Four]]
| [[Indigo Plateau]]