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List of Pokémon with form differences

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{{p|Alcremie}} has nine named base variants, based on how long, what direction, and what time the player spins and poses when evolving its base form, {{p|Milcery}}. These nine forms have seven further variants, based on the sweet Milcery is holding at the time, which affects Alcremie's decoration and eye color. These sweets include [[Strawberry Sweet]], [[Berry Sweet]], [[Love Sweet]], [[Star Sweet]], [[Clover Sweet]], [[Flower Sweet]], and [[Ribbon Sweet]]. This gives Alcremie a total of 63 different forms. [[Gigantamax]] Alcremie can any of the nine base variants, but only ever have Strawberry Sweets. While {{shiny}} {{p|Alcremie}} all share the same base color, they can be decorated with sweets like normal.
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