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At the [[Pokémon Comprehensive Laboratory|PCL]], a remote laboratory in the mountains, {{OBP|Mewtwo|Detective Pikachu}} awakens within a tank. Sensing the presence of [[Harry Goodman|a man]] somewhere outside, Mewtwo bursts free as the tank's containment protocols fail. The man flees the lab and drives away with Mewtwo in pursuit of his car, until an explosion apparently caused by Mewtwo throws the vehicle off a bridge.
Some time later, 21-year-old insurance salesman [[Tim Goodman]] is spending time with his friend {{OBP|Jack|Detective Pikachu}} in their home of [[Leaventown]]. Jack brings Tim to a field in search of wild Pokémon despite Tim's protestations that he does not need a Pokémon partner. Tim, who gave up being a {{pkmn|Trainer}} after the death of his mother and alienation from his father, eventually gives in and attempts to capture a wild {{p|Cubone}}. His attempt fails and the Cubone chases Tim and Jack away. Back in Leaventown, Tim receives a phone call informing him that his father Harry has died as a result of the car crash.
Tim travels to [[Ryme City]] to place Harry's affairs in order. En route aboard a train, he and the other passengers are shown a public service video explaining the city's history: billionaire tycoon [[Howard Clifford]], who developed a degenerative disease, became fascinated with Pokémon as he traveled the world in search of a cure for his condition. Howard eventually became convinced that if humanity could live as one side-by-side with Pokémon, they too could [[Evolution|evolve]] into the best versions of themselves, much as Pokémon do. To fulfill his vision, Howard used his fortune to found Ryme City as a utopia where Pokémon live with humans free of [[Poké Ball]]s, with [[Pokémon battle|battles]] outlawed. Upon arrival in Ryme City, Tim heads for a police station and notices a {{p|Psyduck}} watching him. He meets with [[Lieutenant Hide Yoshida]], an old colleague of Harry's, who consoles him over his father's death. Yoshida urges Tim to find a partner like his {{p|Snubbull}} so he no longer has to be alone, but Tim is unreceptive to this advice.
Tim and Pikachu go to [[Hi-Hat Café]], where Pikachu explains that he has amnesia but can remember two things: he was Harry's partner as a detective, and they were investigating a case involving the "R" substance. Tim reluctantly agrees to help Pikachu solve the case, as Pikachu believes Harry is alive and finding the truth will help them locate him. They go to the CNM facility to gather information on the case from Lucy. There, they find her working on the set of a commercial for the upcoming Pokémon parade involving both Howard Clifford and his son [[Roger Clifford|Roger]]. Howard leaves after an argument with his son, and Roger dismisses Lucy's efforts to call attention to the R story. Tim and Pikachu meet with Lucy and learn that Harry had a source at [[Ryme Wharf]] he was getting information from. Traveling there, they encounter a {{p|Mr. Mime}} that they quickly realize was Harry's source. Mr. Mime is initially uncooperative with them, but when Tim plays along with its miming and pretends to pour gasoline over it, it agrees to help. It reveals that R was being distributed at a place called the "Roundhouse," which Tim and Pikachu find is an underground facility where illegal Pokémon battles are held. {{OBP|Sebastian|Detective Pikachu}}, the Roundhouse's operator, recognizes Pikachu and angrily confronts the pair, telling them that Pikachu once damaged his coat and scarred his prized {{p|Charizard}} in battle. He refuses to give up any information unless Pikachu and Charizard have a rematch. However, before the battle starts, Sebastian gives Charizard a dose of R, causing it to go on a rampage. Making matters worse, Pikachu finds himself unable to remember any of his [[move]]s. Tim interferes in the battle to protect Pikachu, and when Sebastian enters the ring, he is knocked down by Charizard and breaks the vials of R inside his coat. The gas spreads over the entire room, causing all the Pokémon present to fly into a frenzy. In the midst of the chaos, Tim demands answers and Sebastian tells him that R was being given out by someone he knows only as "the doctor." Soon afterward, a newly-evolved {{p|Gyarados}} defeats Charizard with {{m|Hydro Pump}}, flooding Tim and Pikachu out of the building in the process. They are arrested by Ryme City police and brought to Yoshida, who shows them footage of Harry's accident to convince them of his death.
Dejected following their meeting with Yoshida, Tim and Pikachu are soon summoned to Howard's office by his enigmatic assistant [[Ms. Norman]]. Howard explains his beliefs regarding Pokémon and humans helping each other evolve by evolving his {{p|Eevee}} into {{p|Flareon}} and reveals that Harry was working on his behalf to trace the source of R, whose mastermind he identifies as Roger. He confirms that Harry is indeed alive by showing them a hologram of the accident, which reveals to them that Harry crawled from the wreckage only to be taken away by Mewtwo, leaving Pikachu behind. Howard tells Tim and Pikachu that if they can find Mewtwo, they will find Harry. However, he warns them to beware of Roger, who he says is in control of both the media and the police.
Continuing their investigation, the duo meets with Lucy at Hi-Hat Café. She shows them documents regarding the mysterious destruction of the PCL, which has been designated off-limits as a hazardous site following the explosion. The unexplained circumstances regarding the lab's destruction arouse the group's suspicion, as does the history of chief scientist [[Dr. Ann Laurent]], who was a Pokémon neurologist that had her research grant revoked for experimenting with mind-controlling Pokémon prior to working there. They head to the ruins of the PCL, unaware that Roger is following them with a team of his henchmen.
* {{p|Pikachu}} ({{OBP|Detective Pikachu|character}})
* {{p|Psyduck}} ({{OP|[[Lucy Stevens|Psyduck}}Lucy's]])
* {{p|Ditto}} ([[Howard Clifford|Howard's]]'s; [[Ms. Norman]])
* {{p|Eevee}} (Howard's; evolves)
* {{p|Flareon}} (Howard's; newly evolved)
* {{p|Charizard}} ({{OPOBP|Sebastian|CharizardDetective Pikachu}}'s)
* {{p|Greninja}} (×5)
* {{p|Charmander}} (multiple)