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Egg cycle

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Generations IV, V and VI
An '''Egg cycle''' (Japanese: '''タマゴのサイクル''' ''Egg cycle'') is a unit of time measured in steps that determines how long it will take for a [[Pokémon Egg]] to hatch. The number of Egg cycles required to hatch an Egg is stored in the same number that would be the [[friendship]] value for normal Pokémon. In all games since [[Generation V]], the length of an Egg cycle is 257 steps. In [[Generation IV]], Egg cycles were 255 steps long, while in Generations {{gen|II}} and {{gen|III}}, they were 256 steps long.
==Generations IV, V and- VI==
Every time an Egg cycle is completed, the Egg cycle count for all Eggs in the player's [[party]] is decreased by 1 (by 2 if a Pokémon with {{a|Flame Body}} or {{a|Magma Armor}} is also in the party, but not below 0). An Egg is ready to hatch as soon as its Egg cycle count reaches 0. If multiple Eggs are ready to hatch after an Egg cycle ends, the first Egg in the party will hatch immediately, while the remaining Eggs will hatch—in order and one at a time—each time the player takes another step.