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Slowpoke (Pokémon)

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It [[Evolution|evolves]] into {{p|Slowbro}} starting at [[level]] 37 or {{p|Slowking}} when [[trade]]d holding a [[King's Rock]].
In [[Galar]], Slowpoke has a pure {{type|Psychic}} [[regional form]], introduced in {{g|Sword and Shield}}'s 1.1.0 patch. It will evolve into Galarian Slowbro using an item found on thein [[The Isle of Armor]] or Galarian Slowking using an item found in the [[The Crown Tundra]].
In Galar, Slowpoke's appearance is a result of particles being built from eating Galarica seeds. The main difference is that it has gained yellow markings on its forehead and tail.
Galarian Slowpoke are known to relax on seashores and riverbanks without a care in the world. Occasionally, it will get a very sharp look in theirits eyes as if it is about to think of something tremendous. However at times, Slowpoke will quickly forget and return to its normal expression. It is believed that its behavior is result of Galarica particles affecting its brain.<ref></ref>
==In the anime==
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====Galarian Slowpoke====
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===Galarian Slowpoke===
====Galarian Slowpoke====
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======Galarian Slowpoke======
Due to its marine nature, shape, and association with {{wp|shellfish}}, Slowpoke may be based on various species of {{wp|otter}}. It may also be based on a {{wp|giant salamander}} or {{wp|hippopotamus}}.
Its ability to regenerate its own tail if cut off refers to {{wp|autotomy}}. Galarian Slowpoke's lack of a Water type may be based on {{wp|cetacean stranding}}.
====Name origin====