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Galarian Form{{anchor|Galar}}: <!--Don't add the legendary birds-->
Unlike Alolan Forms, there are Galarian Forms of Pokémon from beyond Generation I, and several Galarian Forms have an evolution that their regular form does not.
{{p|Slowbro}} and {{p|Slowking}} have Galarian Forms which have not been fully revealed yet. <!--Don't add the legendary birds-->
{| class="roundy" style="width:100%; text-align:center; border:3px solid #{{galar color dark}}; background:#{{galar color}}" cellpadding=5px
|4'07"<br>(1.4 m)
|125.2 lbs.<br>(56.8 kg)
|[[File:866Mr. Rime.png|150px|Mr. Rime]]<br>{{p|Mr. Rime}}
<!--Don't add the legendary birds-->
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