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In the anime
* [[Ida]] used her Waterium Z in ''[[SM040|Balloons, Brionne, and Belligerence!]]''.
* Ash obtained a [[Solganium Z]] from [[Nebby]] after it evolved into {{p|Solgaleo}} in ''[[SM052|Revealing the Stuff of Legend!]]''.
* Ash gained the ability to temporarily transform his Electrium Z into a [[Pikashunium Z]] in ''[[SM054|10,000,000 Reasons to Fight!]]'', thus allowing Ash to use the Z-Move {{m|10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt}}. Each time its respective Z-Move is used, the Pikashunium Z reverts back to an Electrium Z. After ''[[SM144|From Z to Shining Z!]]'', it permanently stayed as a Pikashunium Z.
* {{an|Professor Kukui|The Masked Royal}} used his [[Incinium Z]] in ''[[SM063|Pushing the Fiery Envelope!]]''.
* [[Ilima]] received an [[Eevium Z]] from [[Eevee users#Eevee User Kagetora|Kagetora]] after defeating him in a {{pkmn|battle}} in ''[[SM065|Turning Heads and Training Hard!]]''.
* Gladion used a Ghostium Z in ''[[SM139|Enter the Champion!]]''.
* Professor Kukui was revealed to own an Electrium Z in ''[[SM140|Z-Move Showdown!]]''.
* Professor Kukui received a [[Tapunium Z]] from Tapu Koko in SM144''From Z to Shining Z!''.
A full set of replicas of the type-specific Z-Crystals appeared in ''[[SM025|A Team-on-Team Tussle!]]''. These replicas were shown to Ash and {{ashcl}} by Professor Kukui.