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Slowpoke (Pokémon)

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It [[Evolution|evolves]] into {{p|Slowbro}} starting at [[level]] 37 or {{p|Slowking}} when [[trade]]d holding a [[King's Rock]].
In [[Galar]], Slowpoke has a pure {{type|Psychic}} [[regional form]], introduced in {{g|Sword and Shield}}'s 1.1.0 patch. It will evolve into Galarian Slowbro orusing Galarianan Slowking,item however,found on the methods[[Isle toof evolveArmor]] itor intoGalarian theseSlowking formsusing arean notitem yetfound available, and are planned to be included within the offical release of the game's [[Pokémon Sword and Shield ExpansionCrown Pass|expansionsTundra]].