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Pokémon in South Asia

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Pokémon anime
==Pokémon anime==
{{bulbanews/5|Anime in Indian subcontinent shifted to Pogo|Anime in India shifted back to Cartoon Network|Pokémon anime going strong in India|Pokémon anime viewed by nearly 100 million in India|'Pokémon the Series: XY' debuts in India}}
The [[Pokémon anime]] is available in the following South Asian territories: {{wp|Afghanistan}}, {{wp|Bangladesh}}, {{wp|Bhutan}}, {{wp|India}}, the {{wp|Maldives}}, {{wp|Nepal}}, {{wp|Pakistan}} and {{wp|Sri Lanka}}.
{| class="roundy" style="background: #2E83D2; margin-left: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px; border: 3px solid #81807A"
| {{wp|Cartoon Network (Pakistan)|Cartoon Network Pakistan}}
| style="background: #fff; {{roundybl|5px}}" | Bhutan<br>India<br>Maldives<br>Nepal<br>Sri Lanka
| style="background: #fff; {{roundybr|5px}}" | {{wp|Cartoon Network (India)|Cartoon Network India}}<br>{{wp|Pogo (TV channel)|Pogo TV}}<br>{{wp|Hungama TV}}<br>{{wp|Marvel HQ}} (formerly {{wp|Disney XD (Indian TV channel)|Disney XD India}})<br>{{wp|Disney International HD}}