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[[File:Normal and Alolan Vulpix anime.png|thumb|350px|Kantonian and Alolan {{p|Vulpix}} in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
A '''regional form''' (Japanese: '''リージョンフォーム''' ''Region Form''), previously referred to as a '''regional variant''' in [[Generation VII]], is a [[Pokémon (species)|species]] of Pokémon found in a specific [[region]] that takes on a different form than it does in most other regions. These Pokémon have uniquely adapted to habitats that are different than those where its species naturally live in other parts of the {{pkmn|world}}. As such, many things may be different about them, from their appearance and way of living to even their [[type]], [[move]]s, {{Abilities}}, [[base stats]], [[List of Pokémon by height|height]], and [[List of Pokémon by weight|weight]]. This is analogous to {{wp|peripatric speciation}} in regards to real -world phenomena, where a population that is isolated from the rest of the species develop unique traits and eventually evolve into a new species.
In the [[Alola]] and [[Galar]] regions, certain Pokémon species have regional forms known as an '''Alolan Form''' (Japanese: '''アローラのすがた''' ''Alola Form''), previously '''Alola Form''' in Generation VII, or a '''Galarian Form''' (Japanese: '''ガラルのすがた''' ''Galar Form''), respectively. A Pokémon in these forms are described as Alolan or Galarian—for example, {{p|Meowth}} in its Alolan Form is referred to as Alolan {{p|Meowth}} and Meowth in its Galarian Form is referred to as Galarian {{p|Meowth}}.
When {{pkmn|breeding}} Pokémon whose offspring has a regional form, the offspring's form depends on its parents. If the female parent is the species' normal form (including in a Ditto pairing) and holds an [[Everstone]], and if the offspring is in the same family as that parent, then the offspring will hatch as the normal form. In all other cases, the offspring will always hatch in its regional form.
In [[Pokémon Sun and Moon]], if a Pokémon evolves from a species that does not have an Alolan Form to one that does, such as {{p|Cubone}}, it will always evolve into its Alolan Form and cannot evolve into its normal form. In [[Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon]], the Pokémon will evolve into its Alolan Form while in Alola itself, but can also evolve into its normal form while in [[Ultra Space]].
While [[Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!]] take place in [[Kanto]], players can import Alolan Forms from [[Pokémon GO]] or receive them infrom [[in-game trade]]s. Alolan Forms of Pokémon present in the [[List of Pokémon by Galar Pokédex number|Galar Pokédex]] are currently unavailable in {{g|Sword and Shield}}. However, they are programmed and modeled in the game, and an Alolan Meowth even makes a cameo appearance in the [[non-player character|NPC]] [[Pokémon Camp]] on {{rt|7|Galar}}.
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Unlike Alolan Forms, there are Galarian Forms of Pokémon from beyond Generation I, and several Galarian Forms have an evolution that their regular form does not.
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On November 16, 2019, in celebration of the release of [[Pokémon Sword and Shield]], [[Galar]]ian {{p|Weezing}} appeared in Pokémon GO as a [[Raid Battle|level 4 Raid Boss]] as soon as {{p|Chimchar}}'s [[Community Day]] ended, with Weezing being present as a Raid Boss in every {{OBP|Gym|GO}}, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in every time zone. Since then, Galarian Weezing has been a potential level 4 Raid Boss.
===In Pokémon Masters===
[[Nanu]] & Alolan {{p|Persian}} and [[Hau]] & Alolan {{p|Raichu}} are playable [[sync pair]]s that are obtained in the main storyline.
==In the anime==
An Alolan {{p|Geodude}} debuted in ''[[SM032|Treasure Hunt, Akala Style!]]'', where {{Ash}} attempted to catch it. After a short battle, the Alolan Geodude punched Ash's Poké Ball into his face with a {{m|Thunder Punch}} and then ran away.
In ''[[SM034|A Crowning Moment of Truth!]]'', while Ash and his classmates were visiting [[Wela Volcano Park]] for the Wela Fire Festival, the festivities were interrupted by a [[Kiawe's Marowak|a wild Alolan Marowak]], who stole the Wela Crown used in a ceremony. While {{an|Kiawe}} and his {{TP|Kiawe|Turtonator}} were defeated by it during their first challenge, they were able to defeat it in a rematch thanks to Turtonator's newly-learned {{m|Shell Smash}}. After being defeated, Marowak gave back the crown and asked to join Kiawe's [[party]].
Alolan {{p|Sandshrew}} and {{p|Ninetales}} debuted in ''[[SM060|Getting a Jump on the Competition!]]''. The Sandshrew appeared as wild Pokémon native to [[Mount Lanakila]], while Ninetales appeared under the ownership of [[Cerah]].
==In the manga==
[[File:Sun Cent.png|thumb|150px|An Alolan Meowth in [[Pokémon Adventures]]]]
[[File:Galarian Zigzagoon Adventures.png|thumb|left|150px|AnA Galarian Zigzagoon in Pokémon Adventures]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
[[Sun's great-grandfather]] owned three Alolan {{p|Meowth}} prior to his death. One of them, [[nickname]]d [[Cent]], joined {{adv|Sun}}'s team. They first appeared in ''[[PASM01|The Grand Entrance and Delivery Boy Sun]]''.
An Alolan Grimer appeared in ''[[PASM13|Unleashing the Incredible Z-Move]]''.
[[Ilima]]'s Alolan Rattata appeared in ''[[PASM16|A Photoshoot and the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart]]''. An Alolan {{p|Raticate}} belonging to a {{tc|Team Skull Grunt}} appeared in a flashback in the same chapterround.
[[Molayne]]'s Alolan {{p|Dugtrio}} appeared in [[PASM19]].