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In the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga
[[File:Bill leopard form PM.png|thumb|125px|left|Bill as a leopard]]When Clefairy battled [[Green's Charizard]], Bill went to one of the machines to shrink Charizard but it ended up shrinking both Clefairy and Charizard since the former did not leave the machine on time. Bill and his wife changed back into humans using the Moon Stone.
[[File:Bill 2 PM.png|thumb|130px|Bill's Johto appearance]]
Bill made a reappearance inIn ''[[PM025|Bring Down the Strongest Pokémon!!]]'' with his wife., {{OBP|Giovanni|Pocket Monsters}} kidnapped himBill and his wife in order to finish creating {{TP|Blue|Mewtwo}} since Giovanni only created the first half. Giovanni blackmailed Bill into working on creating Mewtwo. With Mewtwo completed, Bill's wife was released, and she and Bill went up to Mew to see if it was okay. When Clefairy battled Mewtwo, Clefairy used the DNA switching machine causing Clefairy to transform into Mewtwo. Since the machine ran out of power, {{OBP|Red's Pikachu|Pocket Monsters}} used his electricity to charge it up and Clefairy's DNA went to Giovanni's other Pokémon.
Bill made his third appearance inIn ''[[PM088|Find the Legendary Pokémon!!]]'', Aa Kimono Girl takes Red and his Pokémon to himBill after they were playing around in the [[Burned Tower|Brass Tower]]. Bill shows them his [[Time Capsule]] machine and demonstrates it on a guy about to get hit by a car, Tyrogue runs to the car and gets hit instead. Bill then ponders about his past which made Clefairy interested and wants the group to try it out. They go in the time machine and he sends them back in time.