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Tangela (Pokémon)

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Origin: Irrelevant to Tangela
Due to the mystery around Tangela's appearance under its {{wp|vine}}s, it may be based on the {{wp|swamp monster}} from the short story "{{wp|It! (short story)|It!}}" by {{wp|Theodore Sturgeon}}, that is ultimately revealed to have formed around a human skeleton. In addition, it may also be inspired by the Sargassum seaweed monsters written by the English writer {{wp|William Hope Hodgson}}, which inspired monsters in Japanese pop culture.
It may also be based on ''{{wp|Selaginella lepidophylla}}'', a plant that forms {{wp|tumbleweed}}s; and {{wp|Medusa}}, a {{wp|gorgon}} of {{wp|Greek mythology}}. In addition, it may be based on a {{wp|Green Man}}, a motif represented as a face surrounded by leaves and vines.