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Manalo Conference

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Unlike previous League tournaments, in which {{pkmn|Trainer}}s were required to collect a given number of [[Gym]] [[Badge]]s in order to sign up, the Manalo Conference has no entry requirements, meaning that any willing Trainer is allowed to enter.
The tournament began in ''[[SM129SM128|BattleLeague RoyalOffenders 151and Defenders!]]'' and concluded in ''[[SM139|Enter the Champion!]]'', with the award ceremony being interrupted by the appearance of three {{p|Guzzlord}}. The winner was declared as the first {{pkmn|Champion}} of Alola. Originally, the winner was meant to battle the Masked Royal in an {{wp|exhibition game|exhibition match}} afterwards, but when the Masked Royal's true identity was exposed to the public, Professor Kukui became the Champion's opponent in the exhibition match instead. The exhibition match started in ''[[SM141|Exhibition Unmasked!]]'' and concluded in [[SM144]], bringing the Manalo Conference to an end.