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* [[Hop]] has a {{p|Wooloo}} that he has owned since before the start of the game, and uses it in his first battle against the player. Over the course of the story, it evolves into {{p|Dubwool}}.
* [[Marnie]]'s starter Pokémon is her {{p|Morpeko}}, which she recieved as a gift when she was five from her brother, [[Piers]].
====Base stat comparison====
{{duostats|kanto|025|Pikachu|Electric|form1= LG|45|80|50|75|60|120|133|Eevee|form2= LG|Normal|65|75|70|65|85|75}}
====Base stat comparison when fully evolved====
{{duostats|kanto|025|Pikachu|Electric|form1= LG|45|80|50|75|60|120|133|Eevee|form2= LG|Normal|65|75|70|65|85|75}}
** Due to this, as well as the way in which gender and Shininess were determined, it was impossible to have a {{Shiny}} female starter Pokémon in [[Generation II]], as the lowest Attack {{IV}} a Shiny Pokémon could have was 2, while the highest Attack IV a female Pokémon in that gender group could have was 1.
* [[Kanto]]'s starter Pokémon are the only ones to appear in more than one [[regional Pokédex]]: [[List of Pokémon by Kanto Pokédex number|Kanto]]'s, [[List of Pokémon by Johto Pokédex number|Johto]]'s, and [[List of Pokémon by Kalos Pokédex number|Kalos]]'s.
** The {{p|CharizardCharmander}} line also appears alone in the [[List of Pokémon by Galar Pokédex number|Galar]] regional Pokédex.
* In the core series, when a starter Pokémon is first obtained, all are at level 5. Each knows one {{type|Normal}} [[physical move]] (either {{m|Tackle}}, {{m|Scratch}}, or {{m|Pound}}) and a stat-altering [[status move]] at this level, except for {{p|Pikachu}}, which has {{m|Thunder Shock}} instead of a Normal-type move. Starting in {{pkmn|X and Y}}, the starters also have an attacking move of their type at level 5.
* All Grass-type starter Pokémon have the Ability {{a|Overgrow}}, the Fire-type starters have {{a|Blaze}}, and the Water-type starters have {{a|Torrent}}. Starter Pokémon may have differing Hidden Abilities.