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Tangela (Pokémon)

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Origin: The seaweed part is because of the pokedex entries
TangelaDue isto likelymistery basedaround onTangela's appearance under the {{wp|Medusavines}}, ait {{wp|gorgon}}may be based on ofthe {{wp|Greekswamp mythologymonster}}, whofrom hadthe ashort headstory of"{{wp|It! snakes(short andstory)|It!}}" turnedby any{{wp|Theodore creatureSturgeon}}, that sawis herultimately intorevealed Thehave tentaclesformed onaround Tangela,a however,human are {{wp|vine}}sskeleton. ItsIn Crystal sprite shows it curling into a balladdition, meaning it may also havebe designinspired elementsby fromSargassum {{wp|tumbleweed}}seaweed ormonsters bird-cagewritten Itthe mayEnglish also be based on awriter {{wp|GreenWilliam ManHope Hodgson}}, a motif that isinspired representedmonsters asin aJapanese facepop surrounded by leaves and vinesculture.
Tangela's feetIt may also be based on plants''{{wp|Selaginella whoselepidophylla}}'', flowersa resembleplant footwearthat forms {{wp|tumbleweed}}s, suchand as{{wp|Medusa}}, a {{wp|Cypripedioideaegorgon}} of {{wp|lady'sGreek slippersmythology}}. orIt may also be based on a ''{{wp|ThunbergiaGreen mysorensisMan}}'', a motif that is represented as a face surrounded by leaves and vines.
====Name origin====
Tangela may be a combination of ''tangle'' and ''{{wp|Medusa}}-ella'' (referringA tocommon itssuffix vinesused resemblingin a snake hairstyle like Medusa'sbotany).
Monjara may be based on もじゃもじゃ ''mojamoja'' (''shaggy'' or ''unkempt'') or 毛むくじゃら ''kemukujara'' (''hairy'' or ''densely covered in thick hair''). It may also include ''monster''.