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Amoonguss (Pokémon)

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Due to the fact that its Pokedex entries imply it preys on [[human]]s, Amoonguss appears to be based on the mushroom monsters from {{wp|The Voice in the Night}}, a short story by the English writer {{wp|William Hope Hodgson}} that inspired a famous {{wp|Matango|Japanese cult film}}. It's appearance may draw inspiration from ''{{wp|Amanita muscaria}}'' or mushrooms of the ''{{wp|Agaricus}}'' genus, due to it being {{type|Poison}}.
Like {{p|Voltorb}} and its {{p|Electrode|evolved form}}, the idea of them being mistaken for the standard Item Balls is similar to a {{wp|Mimic (Dungeons & Dragons)|mimic}}, a monster archetype commonly found in RPGs.