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In spin-off games
The male Meowstic has {{a|Prankster}} and the female Meowstic has {{a|Competitive}} as its Hidden Ability. FurthermoreAt certain levels, they learn different moves from one another: the male Meowstic learns mostly [[status move]]s, with all of its gender-exclusive moves being status moves, while at the same levels, the female Meowstic learns mostly [[special move]]s. In Generations {{gen|VI}} and {{gen|VII}}, withfemale onlyMeowstic learned one of its gender-exclusive movesstatus move, {{m|Me First}}, being a status move. Below are Meowstic's learnsets.
{| style="margin:auto"
| {{color2|000|Kellyn}}
| {{color2|000|Ben (Ranger)|Ben}}
| {{color2|000|Hero (Conquest)|Hero}}
| N/A
| {{color2|000|Scottie}}
| {{color2|000|Kate (Ranger)|Kate}}
| {{color2|000|Summer (Ranger)|Summer}}
| {{color2|000|Heroine (Conquest)|Heroine}}
| N/A
| style="{{roundybr|15px}}" | {{color2|000|Bettie}}