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The only two Pokémon with gender differences that are not just aesthetic are {{p|Meowstic}} and {{P|Indeedee}}, who have different learnsets and sets of [[Ability|Abilities]] depending on its gender.
The male Meowstic has {{a|Prankster}} and the female Meowstic has {{a|Competitive}} as its Hidden Ability. Furthermore the male Meowstic learns mostly [[status move]]s, with all of its gender-exclusive moves being status moves, while at the same levels, the female Meowstic learns mostly [[special move]]s, with only one of its gender-exclusive moves, {{m|Me First}}, being a status move. Below are Meowstic's learnsets.
Indeedee variesdiffers widermore drastically by gender than Meowstic, with Malemale and Femalefemale Indeedee having slightyslightly different [[base stats]] as well as learnsets. Male Indeedee have morehigher {{stat|Attack}}, {{stat|Special Attack}}, and {{stat|Speed}}, while female Indeedee have morehigher {{stat|Defense}}, {{stat|Special Defense}}, and {{stat|HP}}. While male learnsIndeedee fromcan learn the [[TM]]s and [[TR]]s moves {{m|Power Swap}}, {{m|Trick Room}}, {{m|Magic Room}}, {{m|Wonder Room}}, {{m|Tri Attack}}, and {{m|Encore}}, the female learnsIndeedee can learn {{m|Light Screen}}, {{m|Reflect}}, {{m|Safeguard}}, {{m|Guard Swap}}, and {{m|Baton Pass}},. alsoThe their[[Egg breed moves differ,Move]] {{m|Extrasensory}} is exclusive to malesmale andIndeedee while the Egg Moves {{m|Psycho Shift}} and {{m|Heal Pulse}} are exclusive to femalesfemale Indeedee.
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