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Generation VIII

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** To introduce [[Gym]]s with different type specialties depending on which version the player has.
** To not introduce a {{t|Normal}}/{{t|Flying}}-type Pokémon.
** To introduce a non-[[Legendary Pokémon|Legendary]] pure {{t|Flying}}-type Pokémon.
** To introduce a [[Gym Leader]] specializing in the {{t|Dark}}-type.
** Where certain Pokémon can evolve from a preexisting [[evolutionary stone]] which could not do so before.
** Where Pokémon can no longer lose access to moves by evolving.
** To put old Pokémon in new [[Egg Group]]s.
** To introduce expansion packs.
** Having more than two [[Game mascot]]s for a single [[Core series|main paired game]].
* Generation VIII is the first even-numbered generation to not introduce a new [[Eeveelution]].
* At the time of its debut, Generation VIII has introduced the fewest amount of [[Legendary Pokémon]], only introducing two.<!--DO NOT CHANGE UNTIL AFTER ETERNATUS IS CONFIRMED TO BE A LEGENDARY-->
* At the time of its debut, Generation VIII introduced no new [[Mythical Pokémon]].