Difference between revisions of "Official Pokémon Gold and Silver Adventure Guide"

(→‎Errors: The first bullet point might not be an error. (Page 56) The errors for Page 105 are sorted by when they occurred on the page. The moves section has yet to be checked.)
* On page 46, it is stated that the [[MooMoo Farm]] sells "Milk" for {{PDollar}}500. The name of the item is actually [[MooMoo Milk]].
* On page 54, it is stated that one of the [[Apricorn]] trees contains a "Peach Apricorn" for {{PDollar}}500. The name of the item is actually [[Pink Apricorn|Pnk Apricorn]].
* On page 55, it is stated that this{{rt|42|Johto}} is the first Route that contains {{p|Heracross}} and {{p|Aipom}}. However, these Pokémon can be obtained from {{rtn|29|Johto}} to {{rtn|33|Johto}}, all of which are accessible with backtracking as soon as the player can obtain {{TM|02|Headbutt}}.
* On page 78, it is stated that you can obtain an [[Up-Grade]] inmay be obtained at [[Silph Co.]]. However, the item is incorrectly formatted as "Up-grade" instead throughout the book.
* On page 86, the description box for Mr. Mime misses a space in the sentence, "TheGold/Silver Mr. Mime has a bunch of new moves [...]."
* On page 93, it is stated that the Gym Leader for the Viridian Gym will not return until you beat the other Kanto Gym Leaders. In reality, the only requirement in [[Generation II]] is to speak to {{ga|Blue}} on [[Cinnabar Island]].