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Ash is very attached to his Pokémon and prefers to battle and train with them personally. Furthermore, he cares about their opinion, even giving them the option of whether they should [[Evolution|evolve]] or not. As such, the majority of his Pokémon also share Ash's stubborn and reckless nature, persistently attempting to rise and continue the battle, even after receiving a great amount of damage and being at the end of their rope. However, if it is by their wish, or if he believes it is best for them, Ash will (if sometimes reluctantly) [[trade]] or [[Released Pokémon|release]] them, and in some cases, leave them with more experienced individuals so that they could get stronger.
Though Ash normally catches five or more Pokémon per [[region]] (not including when he traveled through the [[Orange Archipelago]] and challenged the {{gdis|Battle Frontier|III}} in his second tour of [[Kanto]]), he rarely ever switches the Pokémon in his current [[party]] with those in [[Pokémon Storage System|storage]] at {{an|Professor Oak}}'s [[Professor Oak's Laboratory|Laboratory]]. He usually only does so when battling against powerful opponents (such as Trainers in the [[Pokémon League Conference]]s, and [[Frontier Brain]]s), or when attending certain events that requires a specific Pokémon (like {{AP|Tauros}} at the [[Pokémon Swap Meet]] or {{AP|Snorlax}} at the [[Sumo Conference]]). However, during the {{series|Best Wishes}}, Ash actively cycled through the nine Pokémon he managed to catch in [[Unova]], although these Pokémon, when not in his party, were instead kept in storage at [[Professor Juniper]]'s lab in [[Nuvema Town]]. Near the end of his journey in Unova, Professor Juniper transferred all of Ash's Pokémon to Professor Oak's lab. Ash did not use this system of training in the [[XY series|following series]], though he did leave his Alolan party with {{an|Professor Kukui}} at the end of the {{series|Sun & Moon}}.
Ash currently has ownership of 72 Pokémon, including all 30 of his Tauros. Including pre-evolutionsevolved forms, traded, released, and [[Gift Pokémon|given away]] Pokémon (and not including the additional Tauros), in total, Ash has currently officially owned a total of 91 different Pokémon species.
====On hand====
None of Mamoswine's moves are known.}}
|img=Ash Litleo.png
|cap=A wild Litleo
|epname=A Fiery Rite of Passage!
|vajp=Yuka Terasaki
|vaen=Mike Liscio
|desc=Ash first protected {{p|Litleo}} from {{p|Pyroar}}'s Flamethrower and later on help Litleo become independent and return to its pride.
Litleo was confirmed to be male in the dub only.
Litleo's only known move is {{m|Flamethrower}}.}}
[[File:Ash Ketchum PDP.png|thumb|150px|Ash and {{AP|Pikachu}} in {{OBP|Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl|Sakai Takayuki}}]]
{{incomplete|section|Details of his role in the manga}}
Ash and {{AP|Pikachu}} appear as main characters alongside {{an|Dawn}} and her {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}} in {{OBP|Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl|Sakai Takayuki}}, an adaptation of the anime set in the timeline ofduring the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}}.
* [[Ash's hat]] in the [[original series]] was similar to {{ga|Red}}'s hat in his original design from {{game|Red and Green|s}} before undergoing several changes until the final design.
* Ash has never officially {{pkmn2|caught}} a Pokémon of the {{t|Ghost}} type; a [[regional form]]; a female-only; or a [[Legendary Pokémon]]; nor has he [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolved]] any of his Pokémon.
* Ash has capturedcaught at least one of the [[starter Pokémon]] in every [[region]].
* Ash's birthday in the main series of the anime, according to [[Takeshi Shudo]]'s anime novelizations, is 10 years, 10 months, and 10 days ''exactly'' before the day he began his Pokémon journey. In [[M20]], Ash's birthdate is instead the same day he began his journey.
** On a related note, Ash is still considered 10 years old in promotional materials as well as the [[BW001|first episode]] of ''Best Wishes'' despite ''[[BW141|Best Wishes Until We Meet Again!]]'' strongly implying that at least a full year had passed since his time in Johto.