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==Personality and characteristics==
[[File:Go and Scorbunny.png|thumb|250px|Scorbunny and Go]]
Scorbunny is a caring Pokémon that, prior to its capture, would steal food from food stalls to give to a group of {{p|Nickit}} living with it in the alleys of [[Wyndon]]. It even went as far as to cover itself with dirt to fit in with them. However, it appears to crave attention, as shown in the end of [[SS005]], where it got angry that [[Koharu]]'s {{p|Yamper}} and [[Ash's Pikachu]] wouldn't pay attention to it, before going to its Trainer with a tear in its eye. Scorbunny is an expert kicker who hates losing because it cares about its friends so much, especially its best friend and Trainer, Go. Scorbunny is very loyal to Go and will often sit on his shoulders. Also, Scorbunny will even jump up and give Go a high five or fist bump with one of its feet.
In [[SS006]], Scorbunny was shown to have good hearing, being able to sense a {{p|Pidgeotto}} perching on a treetop from far away. It was also shown to be hasty and quick to act, chasing after the Pidgeotto and causing it to fly away. While it was later told to control itself, it soon way of Go's attempts to capture a {{p|Diglett}}, making it burrow underground whenever it got close. While Go and Scorbunny's approaches to capturing Pokémon clashed in the beginning, they were able to work around them as they kept capturing more Pokémon.