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Early on, Ash originally trained not to further himself but instead to catch more Pokémon than Gary, a feat that he never accomplished. Ash later slowed his pace, which allowed him to focus on the individual traits of each Pokémon. At the [[Silver Conference]], with great humility and maturity, Ash finally won a battle against his old rival, signifying a great milestone in his history as a Trainer. His maturity has also increased in his dealings with Pokémon. This was shown when {{AP|a Mankey|Primeape}} stole his {{AP|hat}} in ''[[EP025|Primeape Goes Bananas]]'', he screamed and yelled at it, even climbing trees just to get his hat back, but when an {{AP|Aipom}} did the same in ''[[AG179|Slaking Kong]]'', he stated merely that he would feel strange without a hat. When Aipom stole his hat again on several future occasions, however, while she was under his ownership, he chased after her in the same manner as before, most likely out of exasperation that she still hadn't learned her lesson.
Ash's biggest fear is losing anyone closes to him, his friends, love ones, and Pokémon. Ever since the events of ''[[AG089|A Scare to Remember!]]'', Ash's fear worsen as he doesn't wish to lose his Pokémon family the same way he almost lost Pikachu but is more scare of them leaving him for not being strong enough or didn't meet their expectation. Due to his fear, Ash sometimes doubts his Pokémon abilities which not only effects his faith in them but also his trust as well. Ash has shown to have nightmares about his Pokémon family leaving him, as shown in ''[[XY116|The Synchronicity Test!]]'', as he could't move his body due to being shook up with fear. Despite this, Ash tired many times to let go of his fears but could't. At first, Ash didn't take his fear as a issue to his battling or his bond with his Pokémon. However, during the events in ''[[XY119|A Full Strength Battle Surprise!]]'', Ash started to question his fears but at the time he was unaware of how far he was letting them get the better of him, until the events in ''[[XY120|the next episode]]'' when the [[Snowbelle City]] Gym Leader [[Wulfric]] hinted to him after losing to him. Realizing this and for not doing something about the situation sooner, Ash left all by himself in shame for not only how he did in the battle but also for letting his fear get the better of him. Towards the end of ''All Hail the Ice Battlefield'' and in "''[[XY121|the following episode]]"'', Ash went through in identity crisis and nearly lost himself if not for {{an|Serena}} reminding him of who he is. After being reminded of who he is and why he became a Pokémon Trainer, Ash gotten over his fears of losing his Pokémon family as he realizes that no matter what they will always be there for him even when he's apart from them. However, Ash has shown to still have his fear of losing anyone closes to him but it wasn't bad as it was, as shown during the events of ''[[SM077|Guiding an Awaking!]]" when he doubted his {{AP|Lycanroc}} ability to control his red-eye state. Although, Ash realized his mistake and made amends with Lycanroc for his actions, which show that he has been working hard to not let fear get the better of him.
Ash has traversed much of the [[Pokémon world]] and has thus far participated in various [[Pokémon League Conference]]s, but he is still learning new things about Pokémon all the time. He has also gained a close connection with many {{pkmn2|Legendary}} and [[Mythical Pokémon]], such as the ones who played major roles in the {{pkmn|movies}}. In the English dub [[M02|second movie]], he was revealed to be "The Chosen One" - the one who would bring balance back to the world when it was disrupted.