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[[File:Go anime.png|thumb|250px|Go looking at his smart phone]]
Go is a stylish city boy who prefers to stay calm and collected, in contrast to the more instinctive and adventurous {{Ash}}, but cares very much about Pokémon. Much like {{an|Misty}} and {{an|Iris}}, His overconfidence and know it all attitude has left him mostly isolated, with exception of his friends [[Koharu]] and Ash. According to Koharu, Go has been known to skip school to wander around town, much to her chagrin. Much like {{an|Sophocles}}, Go would often use his smartphone for various reasons. Despite his calm personality, he can also become hot-blooded, much like {{an|Kiawe}}, when his opinion is challenged, and he will not hesitate to defend others when he sees them being mistreated, much like {{an|Lana}}, which helped him bond with a {{pkmn2|wild}} {{TP|Go|Scorbunny}} in [[SS004]]. Go likes to throw his [[Poké Ball]]s with a [[Catch rate (GO)|curve]], but his aim tends to be off. Though he seems athletic, Go lacks good climbing skills despite his efforts to get better at it. Much like {{an|Bonnie}} and {{an|Lillie}}, Go has a tendency to blush whenever he was praised for his skills, impressed with something he saw or did, and meeting new Pokémon.
Much like {{an|Brock}}, [[Tracey Sketchit|Tracey]], [[Max]], {{an|Cilan}}, and {{an|Clemont}}, Go is also highly knowledgeable about Pokémon. Despite his deep knowledge of Pokémon, Go is still a rookie Trainer and lacks experience, best evidenced by his tendency to throw Poké Balls at any Pokémon he encounters, rather than weaken them through battle as the usual practice. His lack of expertise is also evidenced in his battles, where he shows a tactical, by-the-book approach of exploiting type advantages, but is unable to properly respond against more seasoned adversaries, which leads to a crushing defeat. Go tends to yell "Go!" when sending out his Pokémon or throwing Poké Balls. Much like {{an|Mallow}}, Go has a good sense of right and wrong but it has been shown to be off sometimes.