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Catherine (TCG GB)

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'''Catherine''' (Japanese: '''キャサリン''' ''Catherine'') is a member of [[Team Great Rocket]] and the [[Fort Leader]] of [[GR Lightning Fort]] from [[Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!]].
Her deck, {{TCG|Quick Attack Deck}}, focuses on {{e|Lightning}} Pokémon. In all duels against her, all {{e|Lightning}} Pokémon do 10 additional damage ''(before applying Weakness and Resistance)''.
When defeated, she gives out two {{GB|2|We Are Team Rocket}} booster packs and the GR Lightning Coin, also known as Magnemite Coin, which grants the player to enter [[GR Fire Fort]] and [[GR Water Fort]].
===Quick Attack Deck===
{{main|Quick Attack Deck (TCG)}}
{{decklist/entry|2|{{TCG ID|Wizards Promo|Pikachu|27}}|Lightning||Uncommon}}