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In the manga
In ''[[PASM12|The Wild Full-Power Pose of Fire]]'', Kiawe is revealed to own a Z-Ring, which he received as a Sparkling Stone from {{p|Tapu Lele}} five years prior to the {{chap|Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon}}. He intended to have Sun borrow it to battle Gladion, but it was destroyed by Gladion's Type: Null, leaving only the Sparkling Stone intact. It was later repaired by Olivia and returned to him.
<!--In [[PASM32]]-->Later, [[Hau]] was revealed to have managed to obtain a Sparkling Stone while {{pkmn|training}}, with Olivia having subsequently converted it into a Z-Ring for him.
<!--In [[PASM33]-->After], after completing their six months of training on [[Exeggutor Island]], [[Lana]], [[Mallow]], and [[Sophocles]] were shown to have obtained Z-Rings.
LaterIn [[PASM35]], Sun discovered that his Z-Ring had somehow turned into a [[Z-Power Ring]] at some point. [[Soliera]] theorized that the change could have been caused by Sun passing through [[Ultra Wormhole]]s or him returning to [[Alola]] from [[Ultra Space]].