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===Permanent stats===
===={{anchor|HP|Hit Points}}====
The '''Hit Points''' (Japanese: '''{{j|ヒットポイント}}''' ''hit points''), or '''HP''' for short in both Japanese and English, determine how much [[damage]] a Pokémon can receive before [[fainting]]. ItMany isother thegame mostmechanics, visiblesuch ofas the[[Pokémon statsCenter]]s, in{{m|Substitute}}, battle[[Leftovers]], appearingand both{{m|Pain graphicallySplit}}, (ascan adecrease baror withrestore aHP. fillLost coloredHP green,is yellow,often ornot redautomatically dependingrestored onat howthe muchend HPof ina percentagebattle, isso left)Pokémon andcan asenter aanother current/maxbattle amountwithout belowtheir thefull barHP. In ''Pokemon GO'', it is called '''Stamina'''.
It is the most visible of the stats in battle, appearing both graphically (as a bar with a fill colored green, yellow, or red depending on how much HP in percentage is left) and as a current/max amount below the bar. If a Pokémon has more than half of its max HP, its HP bar remains green. If the Pokémon has between one-fifth and half of its HP, the bar will turn yellow (in Generation II, a Pokémon revived to exactly half of their HP will have a green HP bar). If a Pokémon has less than one-fifth of its HP remaining, the bar will turn red and a beeping sound (Generations I-IV), a change of battle music with the beep as a metronome (Generation V), or a series of 4 beeping sounds before fading away (since Generation VI) will notify the player that his or her Pokémon is in danger of [[fainting]]. Before Generation VI, this beeping will continue until the Pokémon is switched out to another Pokémon which has at least one-fifth of its HP, has its HP raised to one-fifth or higher by any means, or faints.
In Generation I, the coloring of the HP bar was determined slightly differently. If the bar's fill was 27 pixels or wider (out of a total end-to-end length of 48 pixels), it would be colored green; if it was between 10 and 26 pixels, it would be colored yellow; and if it was less than 10 pixels wide, it would be colored red. This means the HP bar turns yellow noticeably earlier than in the later games, or at about 56% of the Pokémon's maximum HP.