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Additionally, the combined stages are capped at -6 and +6 from Generation III onward, meaning that a Pokémon with minimum accuracy attacking a target with maximum evasion will have no lower than a <sup>33</sup>/<sub>100</sub> or 33% chance to hit. (For comparison, in Generation II, the attacker would only have a <sup>33</sup>/<sub>100</sub> * <sup>33</sup>/<sub>100</sub> ~= 10.89% chance of hitting.)
These stage multipliers mean that a Pokémon with +3 accuracy will always hit a target with 0 evasion, as every move has an accuracy of at least 50%
In [[Generation IV]], if a Pokémon's [[Ability]] is {{a|Simple}}, then its stats will be multiplied as if the stat change was doubled. For example, a stat raised by one stage will be multiplied as if it were raised by two stages.