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Trivia: Go
** Misty is also the female companion who has appeared in person in the most [[series]], with three to her name.
* Out of all of Ash's friends, Misty holds the record of having the most Pokémon [[party|on hand]] at the time of her debut and the largest number of Pokémon with unexplained origins, with three each.
** Misty is also tied with {{an|Brock}} for the record of having the most Pokémon under her ownership out of all of Ash's friends.
* Out of all of Ash's friends who have returned to the series, after their departure, Misty is the only one who has had new [[Misty's Gyarados|team]] [[Misty's Azurill|additions]] on her return (not counting evolutions).
* Both Misty and [[Jessie]] were voiced by [[Rachael Lillis]] and then switched at to [[Michele Knotz]] when the 4Kids dub ended in 2006.