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In spin-off games
The [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series]] takes place in a world that is populated solely by Pokémon; humans do not live there. The world has six continents, with many Pokémon found in dungeons, but also towns in which Pokémon live, including [[Pokémon Square]], [[Treasure Town]], [[Post Town]], and [[Lively Town]]. Some of the Pokémon within them form exploration teams that explore dungeons and help Pokémon in need. The [[Wigglytuff's Guild|Wigglytuff Guild]] is where beginning [[team|exploration teams]] live and learn the basics, while the [[Expedition Society]] serves a similar role for expedition teams. The [[Makuhita Dojo]] and [[Marowak Dojo]]s are places somewhat similar to Gyms in the main regions where exploration teams hone their skills.
[[Pokémon Snap]] is set on [[Pokémon Island]], an isolated reserve home to many species of Pokémon. It appears to have a relationship with the [[Kanto]] region of the core series, as [[Professor Oak]] appears to have some authority over the island. [[Pokkén Tournament]] takes place in the [[Ferrum]] region, which seems to be located somewhere in the core series Pokémon world, as [[Cinnabar Island]] is mentioned in the game. {{ga|Detective Pikachu}}'s main setting is [[Ryme City]], a big city where people and Pokémon live together. It likely has some kind of connections to the core series regions, as {{rf|Alolan|Form}}s are both mentioned and shown to exist in the game. [[Pokémon Quest]] takes place on [[Tumblecube Island]], which is inhabitited by numerous cube-shaped Pokémon. It seems to have connections to the core series Pokémon world, as the [[Silph Co.]] is mentioned at one point. [[Pokémon Masters]] takes place on [[Pasio]], an artificial island built by [[Lear]] to host the [[Pokémon Masters League]], in which Trainers from various core series regions compete against each other. [[Pokémon Duel]] takes place on [[Carmonte Island]], an artificial resort island filled with luxury hotels. [[Pokémon Channel]] is set in [[Mintale Town]], which is inhabited by many species of Pokémon. Humans may live there too; there is at least one suburban area. [[Holon]] and the [[Trading Card Game Islands]] appear in the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]] and the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game (game)|eponymous video games]]. The relationship of these regions with the others is unclear.
File:Ryme City artwork.png|[[Ryme City]] in {{ga|Detective Pikachu}}
File:Tumblecube Island.png|[[Tumblecube Island]] in [[Pokémon Quest]]
File:Pasio.png|[[Pasio]] in [[Pokémon Masters]]