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Trivia: Also Alolan Rattata and Meowth. Instead, changing the focus to multiple methods in a single game.
* {{p|Eevee}}In the [[core series]] games, {{p|Feebas}}, andis the only Pokémon that has two different ways of evolving into the same form of the same Pokémon in the same game. Feebas evolves into {{p|CharjabugMilotic}} arewhen theleveled onlyup Pokémonwhile thatits reach[[Beautiful their(condition)|Beauty]] next[[Contest evolutionarycondition|condition]] formsis inhigh; multiplefrom waysGeneration V onward, it also evolves into Milotic if traded while holding a [[Prism Scale]].
** Whereas in the handheld games, Eevee becomes {{p|Espeon}} or {{p|Umbreon}} when leveled up with high [[friendship]] depending on the [[time]] of day, in {{Pokémon XD}} it evolves when leveled up with high friendship and the [[Sun Shard]] or [[Moon Shard]] in the [[Bag]]. This is because Pokémon XD, like {{g|Colosseum}} and {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}, lacks a time function. In ''{{g|Sword and Shield}}'', there is no [[Moss Rock]] or [[Ice Rock]], so Eevee becomes {{p|Glaceon}} or {{p|Leafeon}} using an [[Ice Stone]] or [[Leaf Stone]] respectively, and it becomes {{p|Sylveon}} through friendship due to [[affection]] no longer being used.
** Feebas, meanwhile, evolves into {{p|Milotic}} when its [[Beautiful (condition)|Beauty condition]] is high, which cannot be done in the [[Generation V]] or [[Generation VII]] games or {{g|X and Y}} unless the Feebas had its Beauty condition raised in [[Generation III]], [[Generation IV]], or [[Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire]] previously. Due to this, the [[Prism Scale]] was introduced, so that Feebas caught in the wild or bred in Generation V onward would be able to evolve freely.
** [[Galar]] lacks an area with a [[special magnetic field]], so in ''{{g|Sword and Shield}}'' Charjabug evolves into {{p|Vikavolt}} with a [[Thunder Stone]] instead.
* Of all non-{{pkmn2|Legendary}} and non-[[Mythical Pokémon]], 90.87%<!--607 / (721 - 53)--> are part of an evolutionary line.
** Counting Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, 84.19%<!--607 / 721--> of all Pokémon are part of an evolutionary line.