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Methods of evolution: Restructing this whole section, since the details can be left to the Methods of evolution page
==Methods of evolution==
{{main|Methods of evolution}}
TheIn variousthe triggers[[core forseries]] a Pokémon's evolution are almost as varied as the Pokémon themselvesgames, and some Pokémon havenormally aonly uniqueevolve evolutionafter method. The most commonone of them is Evolution by leveling up at or above a certain level. Other methods include thethree followingevents:
*leveling[[List upof Pokémon that evolve at or above a certain level|Gaining a level]] (the most common trigger)
**leveling{{cat|Pokémon upthat whenevolve [[friendship]]by hasusing reachedan aitem|Being highexposed levelto (220an oritem}} greater),(such sometimesas only at certainan [[timeevolutionary stone]]s)
**leveling{{cat|Pokémon upthat whileevolve holdingthrough antrading|Being item, sometimes only at certain [[time]]straded}}
**leveling up while knowing a certain move or a move of a certain type
**levelingPrior upto in[[Generation VIII]], the above were the only triggers to evolve Pokémon. However, {{g|Sword and Shield}} introduced three new triggers, each only used by a certainsingle Pokémon locationspecies:
**levelingStriking upa with[[Victory aPose]] certainwith Pokémon orthe Pokémon of a certain type in the party
**levelingCompleting upa whilebattle upside-downin which a Pokémon performed a specific action
**levelingTraveling upthrough duringa certainspecific typeslocation ofwith [[weather]]the Pokémon in the party
**leveling up
**levelingIn upaddition withto athe certaintrigger, [[nature]]many Pokémon have one or certainmore additional requirements for them to be able to evolve. These naturesinclude:
*beingHaving high [[tradefriendship]]d
**beingHolding tradeda whilespecific [[evolution-inducing held item|holding a specific item]]
**beingThe traded[[time]] forof a specific Pokémonday
*usingKnowing ana [[evolutionarycertain stone]]move, or othera evolutionarymove itemof a certain [[type]]
*finishingThe alocation battlethe player is in, or the current [[weather]] in that location
**finishingHaving a battlecertain afterPokémon landingin athe certain[[party]], numberor ofa certain [[critical hittype]]s of Pokémon
*being at a certain locationBeing upside-down
**beingBeing attraded a certain location while withinfor a certain range of remainingspecific HPPokémon
**spinning while [[evolution-inducing held item|holding a specific item]]
**spinning a certain number of times in a certain direction
**spinning at a certain [[time]]
Some evolutions are dependent on the Pokémon's [[gender]]. For example, only female {{p|Combee}} can evolve into {{p|Vespiquen}}—male Combee cannot evolve at all. Similarly, all {{p|Snorunt}} can evolve into {{p|Glalie}}, but only female Snorunt can evolve into {{p|Froslass}}. On the other hand, male {{p|Burmy}} can only evolve into {{p|Mothim}}, while female Burmy can only evolve into {{p|Wormadam}}.
For some evolutions into Pokémon with multiple forms, the form of the evolved Pokémon depends on how it evolved. For example, {{p|Wormadam}}'s cloak depends on the cloak {{p|Burmy}} had when it evolved. Similarly, the form of {{p|Toxtricity}} which {{p|Toxel}} evolves into depends on its [[nature]].
==In the games==