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Added somenew evolution methods introduced in Generation 8
**leveling up while upside-down
**leveling up during certain types of [[weather]]
**leveling up
**leveling up with a certain [[nature]] or certain natures
*being [[trade]]d
**being traded while [[evolution-inducing held item|holding a specific item]]
**being traded for a specific Pokémon
*using an [[evolutionary stone]] or other evolutionary item
*holding an item
*finishing a battle
**finishing a battle after landing a certain number of [[critical hit]]s
*being at a certain location
**being at a certain location while within a certain range of remaining HP
**spinning while [[evolution-inducing held item|holding a specific item]]
**spinning a certain number of times in a certain direction
**spinning at a certain [[time]]
Some evolutions are dependent on the Pokémon's [[gender]]. For example, only female {{p|Combee}} can evolve into {{p|Vespiquen}}—male Combee cannot evolve at all. Similarly, all {{p|Snorunt}} can evolve into {{p|Glalie}}, but only female Snorunt can evolve into {{p|Froslass}}. On the other hand, male {{p|Burmy}} can only evolve into {{p|Mothim}}, while female Burmy can only evolve into {{p|Wormadam}}.