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| [[Trial Captain]]
| [[Verdant Cavern]]
! style="background:#{{Alola color}}; border: 1px solid #{{Alola color dark}}" | [[Generation VII|<font style="color: black">VII]]
| [[File:VSIwao.png|x64px|link=Kazumasa Iwao]]<br>[[Kazumasa Iwao|Iwao]]{{sup/7|USUM}}
| {{tc|GAME FREAK}}
| [[Heahea City]]
** Eight Normal-type Pokémon have at least one [[signature move]] or a [[signature Ability]] which involves changing their type.
** Most moves which involve changing the user's type or with a varying damage type are Normal-type.
* [[Kazumasa Iwao]]'s party in [[Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon]] consists of Normal-type Pokémon.
* Normal-type attacks are completely unresisted during an [[Inverse Battle]].