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** It is also the only region where the [[Pokémon League]] is located to the west of every Gym.
** Kanto and [[Johto]] are the only regions that are connected to each other by land.
** Kanto holdsintroduced the second-most [[fossil]]s out of the seveneight regions introduced, having three, Behind Galar with four. Of the other regions, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos have two each, while Johto and Alola have none.
* In [[Generation I]], Kanto was slightly redesigned twice after its initial appearance: signposts, doors, and other minor details, along with certain locations, such as [[Cerulean Cave]], were changed between {{game3|Red and Green|Pocket Monsters Red and Green|s}} and [[Pokémon Blue Version (Japanese)|Pocket Monsters Blue]], and then again between Pocket Monsters Blue and {{game3|Yellow|Pocket Monsters Pikachu}}. The international {{game|Red and Blue|s}} reused the tilesets and other graphics from Pocket Monsters Blue, while international {{game|Yellow}} featured the same design as its original Japanese release.
** However, it would be the original design from {{game3|Red and Green|Pocket Monsters Red and Green|s}} that was ultimately reused in Kanto's [[Generation II]] and [[Generation III]] appearances.