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Pressure (Ability)

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===In battle===
{{AbilityResearch|Interaction with multi-turn moves and consecutively executed moves}}
====Generation III====
When aanother Pokémon with(including Pressure isan targetedally) byuses a foe's move, onetargeting additionala PPPokémon isthat deductedhas upon execution. ConsequentlyPressure, extrawhen PP is deducted evenfrom if the foe'sthat move misses, hasone multiplemore targets,PP than orusual is rendereddeducted. ineffectiveIf duemultiple totargets immunity.have Pressure, alsoeach appliesone toresults alliesin targetingadditional thePP Pokémonbeing and applies to moves that don't directly affect their targets, such as {{m|Trick Room}}deducted.
IfPressure thededucts moveadditional ofPP awhenever PokémonPP targetswould severalnormally foesbe withdeducted; Pressurethis means that it still applies even if the move misses, onehas additionalmultiple PPtargets, willor beis deductedrendered ineffective fordue eachto oneimmunity.
Pressure applies to moves that target the entire field, such as {{m|Rain Dance}}.
====Generation IV====
TheIf presencea ofPokémon that has Pressure is broadcastsent withinto battle, the message "'''<name> is exerting its Pressure!'''" is displayed.
This Ability is not affected by {{a|Mold Breaker}}.
====Generation V onward====
PokémonPressure nonow longeronly haveaffects PP deducted by allies with Pressureopponents.
This Ability is not affected by {{a|Teravolt}} or {{a|Turboblaze}}.
Wild Pokémon are more likely to [[SOS Battle|call for help]] when facing a Pokémon with Pressure. It shares this effect with {{a|Intimidate}} and {{a|Unnerve}}.