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Pokémon GO has a variety of items that are stored in the player's [[Bag]]. These items have many purposes, including [[caught Pokémon|capturing]], [[evolution|evolving]] and restoring Pokémon. Items are primarily obtained through spinning Photo Disks at [[PokéStop]]s and {{OBP|Gym|GO}}s. Upon reaching a new [[Trainer level]], the player will also receive a large amount of items. In later updates, players could also earn other rarer items from winning [[Raid Battle]]s or by completing [[Field Research]] and [[Special Research]] tasks.
A Bag may hold up to 350 items, but players can purchase more space for {{PCoin}}200, allowing for 50 more items, up to a maximum of 2,000500. If the player tries to spin a PokéStop or open a Gift with a full Bag, the game will not allow them to do so unless there is at least one empty slot. Before participating in a {{OBP|Trainer Battle|GO}}, players will be warned if their Bag is full, notifying them that prizes will not be rewarded afterwards. However, receiving items through other means, such as leveling up or winning raids, can bypass this limit and allow players to store more items past the capacity.